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Monday, 4 September 2017


They must have liked my last visit as tutor since they asked me back again!

On one of my two visits we drew in the garden  and around the various buildings. The other time I challenged them to make simple still life paintings or drawings of a standard size (20 x 20 cm) to fit in a frame I took with me.  I showed them a series of paintings I had made which used the frame as part of the composition; simplified designs which gain strength from the restraints of the format. I asked them to do something similar. Here are some of them.  I think they were as pleased as I was.

This is one of mine from a few years ago. A pear on a terracotta plate

and here are some of theirs. I will post some more another day


A few years ago I made some drawings around Lutje's home. Standing next to her PC is this fine wood carving of her mother.  It was made by an artist unknown to me, Joris Minne, 1897 -  1988.

He was born in Ostend but grew up in Antwerp, Lutje's home city. He studied at the Bercham Academy of Fine Arts.  He is known for the revival of wood engraving in Belgium, making this cover for an art magazine he co-founded in September 1919

Shipping in Antwerp?

"O" is for olifant - a children's book illustration

In 1939 he turned to sculpture, mostly in wood 

   This small oak figure dates from 1988, the year of his death

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Heath House Art Group

It was a great joy yesterday to make a return visit as tutor to Heath House Art Group.  My first two visits, last year,  were in winter time and we had a productive time in the studio.  This time we braved the possible rain in the morning and enjoyed the sun in the afternoon to look at  drawing buildings and simple landscape.

They produced a very varied range of work, I was very impressed and wanted to photograph them. My phone thought other wise!  Next week I shall take a camera as well!

In a very brief moment , whilst wandering the gardens and helping them, I was intrigued by , and quickly drew, these wonderful rusty metal chickens on one of the many lawns. .